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Water Roots

Second-generation Chinese immigrant Sherry faces personal and career challenges. She struggles to reconciles with her grief-stricken father over a two-night visit to their seaside childhood cottage. This marks a hard goodbye to her past, a testament of faith, and a reconnection of their shared grief.

Meng Li

Meng is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, whose work majorly explores cultural, linguistic identity, gender issues and eastern religions. Growing up in China and later on moving to Montréal in 2015, Meng has developed a deep depreciation of international cinema. In 2022, Meng moved to Vancouver to study in the film production program in Vancouver Film School.

Presented as Part Of WestCoast Shorts – Family

Sun, Moon and Four Peaks

10 years following an ugly divorce, the Lee family reunites in Canada with vignettes of their differences in c...
15 min | Kevin Jin Kwan Kim | | Korean | English
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Doh Jeh Mama (多謝嫲嫲) / Thank You Grandma

Thank You Grandma'' is a tender portrayal of a lifelong relationship between a grandson and his grandmother. M...
3 min | Jon Chiang | | World Premiere Festival | English, Cantonese | English
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100 Days

Following a tradition in Asian culture, family and friends celebrate a newborn baby turning 100 days old over ...
13 min | Derek Kwan | | Western Canada Premiere | English, Cantonese | English
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Miss China

Elena, after being crowned Miss China International, gets an offer to become an actress in China. Excited, she...
9 min | Yasmine Ross | | Vancouver Premiere | English/Mandarin | Yes
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Mei lives with her single father, Tatsuya. They just found out that their long-awaited trip to Japan was cance...
7 min | Hiromu Yamawaki | | Canadian Premiere | English/Japanese | English
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Mingze Li
Ina Wang, Stanley Jung
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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9