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Tonight, You Will Shine!

Cecilia Ramos dreams of her son, Benji, becoming a huge star. She is ecstatic to hear he has joined his high school”s musical, and sneaks into their rehearsal to ensure that he is on the right path towards achieving fame.

Kristoffer Bradley Cruz

Kristoffer Bradley Cruz (he/they) is a queer Filipino-Canadian writer, director, and actor born in Toronto. He has been making independent films since he was 12 years old when he co-founded Gooshlems with Ralph Ramos. Kris is passionate about using their creative work to support the representation of marginalized groups.

Presented as Part Of Canadian Shorts – A Little Bit of Everything

Xie Xie, Ollie

Feeling split between his Chinese heritage and Canadian upbringing, Ollie attempts to learn Mandarin as a mean...
9 min | James Michael Chiang | | Vancouver Premiere | English, Mandarin | N/A
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A struggling artist and a musician''s dreams collide and become synchronized as they attempt to break through ...
29 min | Sina Nazarian | | World Premiere | English | English
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The Stranger (Canada)

The Stranger'' begins with Jacky, who wakes up unable to recognize her boyfriend, Ray, who she always relied o...
17 min | Tin Pak Lau | | Canadian Premiere | English / Cantonese | Burned in
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FISH BOY is a lyrical meditation on faith, love, and polyamory through the eyes of an Asian American teenager....
11 min | Christopher Yip | | BC Premiere | English, Cantonese | Yes
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Kelley Lee, a 60-year-old mother, wife, PhD doctor, and university professor, cherishes hockey as her lifelong...
40 min | Jenny Lee-Gilmore | | BC Premiere | English | Yes
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Jackson Dolap
Maria Paguirigan, Ethan Akler, Elizabeth Erhart, Bryce Johnson
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