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The Gold Teeth

Sahra, an Afghan refugee in Canada asks an Iranian ex-dentist, Hamd, to extract her father”s gold teeth before they bury him in order use that money to smuggle her queer brother from Afghanistan.

Alireza Kazemipour

Alireza Kazemipour is a multi-awarded Iranian- Canadian screenwriter, director, and producer. His movies have been selected and screened for more than 100 Film festivals around the world, and have received 32 awards and nominations. Social justice, women”s rights, and immigrant issues are his focus.

Presented as Part Of WestCoast Shorts – Life’s Struggles


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Mattisse Weyler Hubert, Sina Nazarian
Parmiss Sehat, Shayan Bayat, Aixa Kay
FeatureD on
1. Silver Wave Film Festival 2. Tirana International Film Festival 3. Tangier International Film Festival 4. Mesa International Film Festival 5. The Poppy Jasper International Film Festival 6. Seattle Asian American Film Festival 7. City Blues Film Festival 8. URBAN VISION FILM FESTIVAL 9. PUNTO DI VISTA FILM FESTIVAL 10. Xposure International Photography and Short Film Award 11. Lebu International Film Festival 12. Fastnet Film Festival 13. Morocco Short International Film Festival 14. FESTIVAL ACCÈS ASIE 15. Cinema4screen Film Festival 16. Villa María Del Triunfo Y Lima Sur Film Festival 17. Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival 18. SF Frozen Film Festival 19. Orlando International Film Festival 20. MEDITERRANEO FESTIVAL CORTO 21. Islantilla Cine Froum 22. Elche Independent Film Festival 23. Festival De Cortometrajes De Vinaròs Agustí Comes 24. Paradiso Film Festival 25. Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 26. Reading Film Festival 27. Local Sightings Film Festival – Pacific Northwest 28. Festival Internacional de Cine LESBIGAYTRANS Aireana 29. FESTIHUR – Festival de Cine de Hurlingham
Award Winner
1. Best Short Canadian (Nominated) – Silver Wave Film Festival 2. Best Short International Film Award – CityBluee Films Festival 3. Best Short Film – Second Place – Xposure Awards 4. Best Short Film Award – Elche Independent Film Festival 5. Best Short Film Award (Nominated)– Islantilla Cine Froum 6. Best Screenwriting (Nominated) – Islantilla Cine Froum

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

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