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Three lives/Three paths: A rise in drug overdoses leads to an overcrowded hospital where a rookie cop sits guard over a criminal. They share a room with Robert, an Indigenous man who is dying. The two quickly bond and Robert’s fate forces the cop to confront his conscience. Based on true events.

Ranjit Samra

Based out of Vancouver, Ranjit Samra is an actor, artist, and first time director. Working visually, Samra storyboarded LIFERS and wrote the script afterward. Recently retired from a career as a Special Constable, LIFERS is based on his real life encounter with a stranger who learns he is dying. 

Presented as Part Of WestCoast Shorts – Life’s Struggles


From 1889 to today, this documentary traces the journey and evolution of the Wing Sang Building and its inhabi...
14 min | Larry Chin, Sarah Ling | | World Premiere | English | Chinese
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The Gold Teeth

Sahra, an Afghan refugee in Canada asks an Iranian ex-dentist, Hamd, to extract her father''s gold teeth befor...
15 min | Alireza Kazemipour | | Vancouver Premiere | English | English
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Bound to No One

A poet incapable of translating her dream vision into her artwork resorts to plagiarizing an epitaph to craft ...
13 min | Hugh Liu | | Canadian Premiere | English, Ukrainian | Burn in Texts
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You Are the Blue

A seemingly normal girl, Kay loves art, listening to music and spending time with her best friend, Aiden. Her ...
14 min | Beatrice King | | Western Canada Premiere | English | Can include subtitles, if requested
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Amit Dhuga, Ranjit Samra, Tarun Keram, Allison Klause
Rookie: Tarun Keram Robert Esket: William Belleau Doctor Liu: Grace Chin
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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9