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Based on the Malaysian urban legend, ‘Karak’ follows Adrian and Beatrice, a couple reeling over the loss of their child through a miscarriage. In an attempt to move on, Adrian decides that they should relocate, creating a rift with Beatrice. As they traverse in the middle of the night on a lonely highway, as the urban legend goes, the couple come face to face with a mysterious yellow 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that repeatedly appears, no matter how many times they try to overtake it. What follows is a string of horrifying events that unravels what lies beneath the ways we deal with grief.

Ian Tan

Ian Tan is a filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. He graduated with a BFA in Film Production at UBC. He is an Editor at Atomic Cartoons, one of Vancouver”s leading animation studios. Ian is a sought-after Editor within the Asian filmmaking community in Vancouver, with award-winning shorts that have screened around the world from Korea, Los Angeles, Singapore, Toronto and the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. His experiences being raised in Malaysia has made Ian passionate about telling stories from his unique Chinese-Malaysian perspective. When he’s not picking up a camera or chipping away at an edit, you’ll find Ian posing his Transformers action figures.

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Nancy Kamar
Berlin Lu, Lynn Liong
FeatureD on
MAMM18 Gala
Award Winner
Audience Choice Best Performance, Audience Choice Best Film

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9