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Tokens – Season 2

AAA Studios had a change of heart and Sammie gets an opportunity to make The Phoenix an authentic story with some surprising help from her parents. Betty must downsize but is still a rock for her beloved Tokens.

Winnifred Jong

Winnifred Jong is an award-winning Toronto-based filmmaker. Known for her cinematic style and authentic storytelling, Winnifred is adept at directing comedy, drama and action. She created and directed the comedic short form series, TOKENS, nominated for 8 Canadian Screen Awards and was recognized with the 2020 ACTRA Sandi Ross Award.

Presented as Part Of Web Series and Shorts in a Surprise Pack


In the near future, people wake up in either odd-numbered years or even-numbered years and hibernate in ''The ...
15 min | Ya-Ting ''Itchy'' Yang | | Canadian Premiere | English | English/ Traditional Chinese
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Rock the Cradle

When a new South Asian mother, gives birth, she realizes she may be stuck in a place of darkness, without know...
11 min | Asis Sethi | | Western Canada Premiere | English, Punjabi, Hindi | English
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''Yun'' is a poignant short drama delving into concealed emotions, portraying a girl''s inner struggles as tan...
4 min | Yuezhang Qin | | Chinese ( Mandarin ) | English
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A young woman, Dionne, lets her friend crash on her couch after a night of drinking. She later wakes to him lo...
9 min | Tanya Jade | | English | Nil
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Two strangers at a church drive-through confession forge an unlikely connection over a game of Truth or Dare, ...
13 min | Chara Ho | | Canadian Premiere | English | N/A
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Green Heart

In a future not too far from our own, Avery, a young neglected teenager with a mysterious condition, spends he...
17 min | Vann Ferderber | | World Premiere | English | None
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Trinni Franke, Winnifred Jong
Connie Wang
FeatureD on
T.O. Webfest, Cusco Webfest, BLUEIFF Web Series, Die Seriale, LA Webfest, Chile Digital Fest, Oakville Film Festival, Minnesota Webfest, Apulia Webfest, BronzeLens Film Festival, New Jersey Web Festival, Sydney Web Fest
Award Winner
Canadian Screen Award (Best Direction, Best Supporting Actress)

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

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