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Galactic Canine Space Force

One night, a rocket falls onto a playground in the suburbs. Ruben investigates and discovers his best friend who was chosen to be a magical girl. Through his jealously, he learns that he doesn’t need to worry about how others see him, especially if they love him as he is.

Anya Amarillo

Anya Amarillo is a Filipina Vancouver-based Artist, having studied 2D and Experimental Animation at Emily Carr, with a Bachelor of Media Arts. She”s currently focused on storyboarding and rough animation, specifically character acting-based animation. She’s striving to work in the children”s/teen media so she can inspire new generations of artists.

Presented as Part Of Animation Shorts

Boat People

As a child in Vietnam, Thao’s mother often rescued ants from bowls of sugar water. Years later they would re...
10 min | Thao Lam, Kjell Boersma | | Vancouver Premiere | English | n/a
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Two Apples

When a young woman leaves her homeland, she takes a single memento from her past: a ripe apple studded with fr...
9 min | Bahram Javahery | | no dialogue | n/a
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Bride’s Dream

This is a story about a bride who is separated from her soldier husband by life and death....
7 min | Joe Chang | | BC Premiere | Chinese | English
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A Feast At The Palace

A simple story of endless toil between a servant, a sultan, and the feast on the table between them. Shot in S...
6 min | Gavin Cameron | | Vancouver Premiere | English | n/a
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The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits

According to Chinese custom, every soul will revisit their beloved family on the 7th night after they passed a...
4 min | ahLoong | | BC Premiere | Cantonese | English
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Peace Offering

After a dinner incident between a mother and her daughter, Dawn gets thrown back into her past to confront her...
4 min | Helen Lesmana | | Vancouver Premiere | English | English
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Bon Odori

Bon Odori is a 3D/2D animated short film that delves into the heart of Obon, a Japanese Buddhist festival that...
5 min | Trent Osaki, Sally Thai | | Canadian Premiere | English | NA (No dialogue in film)
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In a world devoid of God but steeped in religion, a struggling robot embarks on a slow journey within a church...
5 min | YoshikawaTakayuki | | English | N/A
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The Old Young Crow

Mehrdad, now an old man, recalls his encounter with an elderly Japanese woman named Chiyo at a graveyard in To...
12 min | Liam LoPinto | | Vancouver Premiere | Farsi, Japanese | English
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Swallow Flying to the South

In spring 1976, 5-year-old Swallow is abandoned at a public boarding preschool in central Beijing. When the pe...
18 min | Mochi Lin | | Mandarin | English + Chinese
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Anya Amarillo
Cashewsart (Faustus), Tabetha McNeal, Chris Byron
FeatureD on
33rd Singapore International Film Festival (Southeast Asian Short Film Competition, Singapore) 45th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Short Film Market Picks 2023, France) 15th Seoul International Senior Film Festival (International Short Film Competition, Korea) 15th Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival (International Competition, Greece) 8th Dalmatia Film Festival (Official Selection, Croatia) 8th Hobnobben Film Festival (Official Selection, United States) 12th Visioni Corte International Film Festival (Finalist, Italy) 2023 Haebangchon International Short Film Festival (Official Selection, Korea) 27th Vancouver Asian Film Festival (Official Selection, Canada) 19th Mini Film Festival (S-Express, Malaysia) Minikino Film Week 9 (S-Express, Indonesia) 27th Thai Short Film & Video Festival (S-Express, Thailand)

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

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