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”Copykat” follows Mika, a graphic designer who accuses her colleague Kat, a creative director, of plagiarizing her work to win an award. The accusation leads to office tensions and a broader moral battle, raising questions about originality and credibility in the digital advertising agency.

Gino delos Reyes

Gino delos Reyes, a TV commercial and film editor from the Philippines, brings a unique cultural perspective to his work spanning 15 years in Southeast Asia. Eager to share his editor-turned-director viewpoint, Gino explores thought-provoking themes of identity, culture, and social justice, always injecting humor even in weighty subjects. 

Presented as Part Of V4 – Canadian Shorts Narrative – Virtual- Horror/Sci-Fi/Suspense/Comedy

Green Heart

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A lone girl suddenly realizes she’s been trapped - surrounded in all directions, she fights and runs. There...
15 min | Jennifer Li | | BC Premiere | English | Available
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Gino delos Reyes
Katya Arifin, Paige Wilson, Rene Boyer
FeatureD on
Vox Popular Media Festival(Thunder Bay, Ontario), Cortos Con Ñ(Madrid, Spain)
Award Winner
Best First-Time Filmmaker – AltFF, Quarter-Finalist – Change The Script Film Festival (still ongoing), Rome Prisma Film Awards – Monthly Picks, Cortos Con Ñ – Official Selection

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9