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A Roadside Banquet

One day in mid-2010s China after the abolishment of the One Child Policy, 11-year-old Mai attends her baby brother’s very first birthday party and learns a crushing truth: her parents never really wanted a girl. What”s worse — soon after learning the news, Mai starts turning into a feather duster.

Peiqi Peng

Peiqi Peng is a Chinese writer/director living in Los Angeles, with a BFA in Film & Post-Colonial Studies from Emerson College and an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. A child fantasy writer that later studied Sociology, Peiqi does socially conscious female dramas with fantasy, gore, and absurdist elements.

Presented as Part Of V8 – Int’l Narrative Shorts (5) – Mixed Bag


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Ziqi Gao
Sarah Zhai
FeatureD on
Sarasota Film Festival, Vaughan International Film Festival, First International Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, RIFFA, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival, CineGear Expo LA
Award Winner
Best Juried Award – CineGear Expo LA, Best Audience Award – CineGear Expo LA, Best Student Film – Durban International Film Festival

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Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas

88 W Pender St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9